ATN-Bangla TV

ATN Bangla is a Bengali language digital cable television channel and it launched on 16 July 1997, Owned by Multimedia Production Company, Picture format is MPEG-2. It is first 24-hour television channel in Bangladesh.

ATN Bangla started Bengali and English news on 1st October 2002.One of its programmes, Amraopari (We, too, Can), won the International Children’s Day of Broadcasting Award at the 32nd International Emmy Awards Gala in 2004.The documentary was shot and directed by 18 teenagers from Bangladesh, and was focused on the true story of AbulKhaer, a 9 years old boy, who stopped a passenger train from approaching a disjointed railtrack, and prevented a train disaste

ATN Bangla channel On 2007 of the best channels as well as the superiority was a "Meet the Press" and Lead News "cable TV viewers Forum" survey. ATN has been the most discussed Bengali 2009 reports bidiara tragedy highlights the extremely efficiently to desabasira acceptable form. 2011 and 2012 in the campaigns of several broadcasts from Sher Bengali cricket stadium. Regional Award in the same year 2011 aisidibi aisidibi (global award) ATN Bengali achieved. Sangikare respect the experience of the acupuncturist samanbyaye new program is going forward towards the front of the ATN Bengali.

The channel is transmitted in South Asia,the Middle East, Europe, and North America. The channel started broadcast in South Asia on 15 July 1997. Broadcasts to Europe began in 2001.