Ekushe ETV

The first private television channel in Bangladesh which is Ekushey Television (ETV).It is a private terrestrial channel in bangladesh. Ekushey Television (ETV) started it’s transmission in 14 April 2000.After two year in 29 August 2002, Ekushey Television (ETV) stop their transmission and cancelled some executives work permit.in 14 april 2005 this tv got the permission to transmission once again.Re-solve all the problem in 29 March 2007 Ekushey Television (ETV) ) started transmission.But after in 1 June 2007.

This TV began 24 hours transmission.

Ekushey Television (ETV) is the more populer channel in Bangladesh.In the first time when this TV broadcast their program all people become so happy to watch that. People watch different type of program. Ekushey Television (ETV) make all program to the all classes of people. When Ekushey Television (ETV) broadcast many excellent shows and also news. People watch ETV news very carefully and they also like that. Because all information are value able .Now this channel doing his job best.