Maasranga Television

Maasranga Television Channel is a new private satellite HDTV Channel in Bangladesh who got permission to telecast in 30 June 2011 and Owned by Square group. It Picture format is MPEG-4. Maasranga Television introduced high definition (HD) television technology for the first time in Bangladesh.

Maasranga Television broadcasts his program in 24 hours per day a week. The Channel telecasts namy program Like natok, move, news, agriculture, serials, talk show on current affairs, fashion, national and international live sports,music, magazine show, live commentary, entertaining and educational programs for children.

Maasranga Television programs are available in different parts of Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe and the USA. Maasranga TV has already won the hearts and minds of millions people both at home and across the world.There will be ensuring the quality of television.