NTV is one of the popular Bengali TV channels in the country . NTV is a satellite television channel in Bangladesh .Its a Bangla language based channel. It started transmission in 2003.

Not just news, current events, talk shows, documentaries, news, sports, business and trade shows, science and technology news has been broadcast on NTV. NTV different recreational events every day believing.History, heritage and culture created by NTV drama, telefilms, musical, religious ceremony, keratapratiyogita, cultural programs, health programs, and the massively popular quiz.

The young generation, we have an objective for the future of the earth, setting up progressive mass media. Principles that we have always been blue, I'll be.The information presented and our goal is to be truthful factual entertainment.Time, history is witness that we want to go. NTV television the country and its people. In NTV television.Your co-operation, with views far we want to go. Your thoughtful feedback will enrich all of us.